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Prayer is one of the pillars of Islam and oblige on every Muslim because this is an order of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala so that Muslim survive on their wisdom of Islam. In addition to that offering prayer on its timing has great benefits like physical as well as social advantages. Muslim must follow the rules of salat while presenting it using different ways like Salat Reminder App or Prayer Alert but must be perform on its exact timing with Jamat because offering prayer with Jamat has great reward from Allah.


10 Benefits of Salat

The ten benefits of Salat are as under:-

  1. Through Salat man get good will of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

  2.  Offering Salat to get relaxation or protecting body from Bacteria and Viruses.

  3. The light for face and heart from Allah.

  4. Source of Blessing

  5. To get rid of badness/Evils

  6. Laxity in Earning

  7. Companion in Grave

  8.  To give surety in entrance of Heaven

  9. To get rid from Hell fire

  10. It repels adversity.



In brief says that Salat Timing has very much important for Muslim to offer Nimaz(Prayer)on their timing moreover five times prayer in a day has different timing and it vary for season to season so follow different  season timing.


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