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There are so many Islamic apps are available on play store and sometimes you got confuse which one to download. Keeping that problem in mind I have decide to write an article and suggest you some Islamic apps that worth download and you should have in your smart phone.

5 Surah

It consists of five Quran surahs which include Surah Kahf (recommended to read on Friday and will save you from the fitna of Dejjal), Surah Yaseen (also known as heart of Quran), Surah Rehman( is called the beauty of Quran), Surah Waqiya( is the surah of wealth and frequent recitation will save you from poverty and increase financial conditions. In Shaa Allah) and Surah Mulk (is recommended to read frequently and will save you from the torment of grave). 5 Surah is also loaded with translation and transliteration. Further more you can listen to the recitation in the voice of Al-Afsay and Al-Sudais.

Download app of These Surahs of Quran with translation and transliteration for android.

Tajweed Al-Quran

Quran is revealed in Arabic language and Arabic is so rich language. Whole meaning will get changed if you mispronounce the Arabic word and we can’t afford to mispronounce the Quranic words. If you own a smart phone then it’s a good idea to download this app and learn what the Tajweed rules for reading Quran are and how to use these rules.

Download recitation of Quran with Tajweed Rules App for Android.

Never Miss Prayer

Namaz is the main pillar of Islam. As a muslim we are all bound to pray five times a day with full concentration. This app will remind you for each Namaz. You will just set the Time Zone or country name you are in and this app will ping you on each Namaz time (5 Times a day) . If you want to get notified about the others prayers like Tahajud and Ishraaq etc, you can also add them.

Download Prayer Alert App




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