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Hadith is an Arabic word which means “to report” but Muslims believe that sayings or actions of Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) are called as “Hadith”. Hadith is the second most important way to gain knowledge about Islam because it is the implementation of the message sent by Allah which was done by holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Quran tells us what to do whereas Hadith tells us how to do. According to some scholar Hadith is the second guideline whereas some says we cannot separate Quran and hadith. The reason is that we cannot explain hadith without relating it to Quran.

How to Get ”Hadith of the Day” Daily:

Hadith of the Day:

As hadith is the important source of knowledge about Islam so we should at least read a hadith daily to understand what Islam says. There are many ways to get a hadith daily like we can have a book of hadith and read it daily for sometimes or we can search for daily hadith on the internet. Both of these ways are hectic some of the easy ways to get hadith daily are discussed below:

1-Hadith of the Day Mobile Applications:

The best and the easiest way to have a hadith daily are to have application in your smart phones which generates and gives hadith from authentic books daily. This will be the easiest way to read a new hadith daily because you will not have to open the book or search for hadith on the internet. It will be available for you all the time in your smart phones. To have the authentic ahadith of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim there are two apps. These apps also provide you the facility of hadith of the day so we can be benefited. You can Download Sahih Bukhari hadith collection and Sahih Muslim hadith in English for Android.

2-Hadith of the day Facebook Page:

As we all have social accounts and we check our notifications on daily basis that’s why we can join a group or a page on facebook which posts ahadith daily to refresh our imaan. So when we log on to our account we can get a notification of hadith posted on the page. There is the page of “Quranreading.com" on facebook which posts islamic staff daily and joining the page can be very helpful.

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