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According to Islam Salat is oblige on Muslim by the Allah Subhanahu w ta’ala who has great qualities. Islam tells how to perform your Salat accurately by following all the rules which mention by our beloved Prophet (S.A.W). Besides this Salat/Prayer/Nimaz also have some major benefits which are very important for every person in this world as well as through Salat we can get mental benefits. Moreover offering Nimaz the person feel body relaxation, in short Prayer is a unique exercise for those who offer this five times in a day.

Also Salat is very important for healthy life but offering it on exact Salat timing. The azan prayer times varies, from Fajr Prayer to Isha the man feel better and pleasant while doing this exercise. According to Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said: inna fissalati shifa’a “verily there is cure in salat”. Following this Hadith all illness will be gone by performing Salat and man get grace from Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.


The Physical Benefits of Regular Salat

The physical benefits of each Salat/Prayer/Nimaz are as under:-



The first prayer of the day is Fajr, which has great reward from Allah on our Muslim because Fajr Prayer has many major benefits in social life as well as in physical life. One of the Hadith about Fajr Prayer: “من صلّى البردين دخل الجنة”

“Whoever prays al-Bardayn will enter Paradise” (Al Bukhari 2/52)

The word al-Bardayn means Fajr. So in the contest of this Hadith awaking early in the morning is beneficial for health the man feel fresh in the whole day and also get paradise after the death if he/she be punctual for Fajr Prayer.



Every Prayer has its own rewards and benefits from morning to noon man busy in his work and feel tiredness then need some relax, so offer Zuhr can get some exercise and ready for next task he will perform. Hadith about Zuhr Prayer:-

"This is an hour at which the gates of heaven are opened, and I like that my good deeds should rise to heaven at that time.''(Al-Tirmidhi)



Late Afternoon Prayer or Middle Prayer when man brain feel pressure so at that moment Asr Prayer give more power to the person.



In short at the time of magrib the man normally end of his daily routine. So need some pleasant feeling that Magrib Prayer provided but offer its proper manner.



Last but not the least the Isha Prayer comes when man feel sleepy before go to bed offering Isha Prayer , Man revised prays that he did in his full day and feel physical satisfaction.



In conclusion we say that the man who did five time Prayers in a day get many Physical benefits and blessing of Allah by offers on its specific Salat timing.

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