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The arrival of high technology has changed the way of living of all the human beings who uses that technology. Today because of the latest technology, the level of productivity and efficiency has increased to a great level. The same may be applied for learning Islam. Mobile applications are on it’s boom today and if you have a smart phone, you may download, install and use them to learn the holy Quran and learn about our religion – Islam.

Following is the list of top 3 Islamic Apps:-

  1. Noorani Qaida :- It is a FREE app that is used to teach Muslim kids and adults the holy Quran. It has been designed in a way that it can be used to learn Arabic with complete perfection. It is easy to use application and it has been designed in a way that increases the understanding of user with the help of clear pictures and sounds that helps in understanding pronunciation. Noorani Qaida app can help you Learn Arabic Lessons with Tajweed as the sound files are included with it.


  1. Never Miss Prayer :- This is an application that has been designed especially for the people for whom it is hard to wake up for first fajr prayer or they are so busy that can not remember when to say prayer. There are 4 options to turn off Alarm e.g. tapping on the screen, shaking the cell phone, to answer a quiz question and to turn off the Alarm. Different triggers may be used for any prayer. There are different prayer calculations systems you may choose to set the reminder for prayer time. Never Miss Prayer app helps every Muslim say rayers and keep reminding the time of the prayer.


  1. 5 Surah :- It is an application that has 5 important Surahs of Quran Kareem. The recitation of these 5 Surahs is important and should be recited everyday. It also includes the English meanings of it. The sound files make it easy to pronounce. There are two different voice options. The appearance like Size and color of text may be changed. Sharing options are also available in this app. This app helps us Learn Surahs of Quran with English Translation.



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