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The Quran: A Book of Guidance

The Qur’an is the comprehensive and the preceding book of the Almighty Allah. Allah sends the Messengers for the guidelines of the mankind and messengers used to come as guidance to every nation of every era. The guidelines given to the people of that era were totally according to the Holly Book of the Allah, delivering the guidelines for His nation. The Qur’an is the compilation of the verbal revelations given to the last Prophet (PBUH). The Qur’an is the last Divine Book, because Nubuwwah ended with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Holy Quran is the main source of Islamic faith, contains guidelines, rules, codes of life, which put lights on the every sphere of human life and activities. Qur'an is regarded as an infallible guide to personal piety and community life and completely true in its history and science. Qur’an contains complete guidance to the mankind. The Quran has solutions to all the problems of humanity.

The Qur'an describes itself as a book of guidance. It sometimes offers detailed accounts of specific historical events, and its significance to an event over its narrative sequence. To read the Qur'an is a great way of worship in Islam and to look at and to touch the Qur'an with love is a means for great blessing and rewards.

Qur’an Now is an android Qur’an application, complete Qur’an in one android application with its translation and transliterations. Read and recite the Holly Qur’an with its full translation and download its MP3 translation separately. Translation of the Qur’an will make you able to understand and acknowledge you with the information Qur’an contains. Similarly transliteration in this application of the Qur’an will bring your pronunciation to the correct Tajweed.

For many centuries, human was unable to study certain data in the Verses of the Holly Qur’an, this is because they did not possess sufficient scientific logics. It is only today that numerous Verses of the Qur’an dealing with natural phenomena. Even in this 20th century, it is still not possible for an average scientist to understand everything he reads in the Qur’an. In Qur’an humans are invited to reflect upon the wonders of creation, and the numerous natural phenomena.

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