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Few Tips for a Student to help them in improving their Memory

There are many tips for improving your memory and lots of reason behind the weakness of the memory in someone. Allah Almighty created us and gives us the same level of memory and made all the mankind the same. But in our daily routine we may have viewed that some students are very intelligent and have strong memory. Some may have the ability to pick up the source in short time or learn something very soon than others. Some have learned late, but with full aspect of concentration and in a conceptual term.

These are in the reflection to this scene. I would like to tell you that all are same, but some level of concentration may be different.

Many psychologists reviewed on this factors and strategies than established great number of ways to improve memory and to enhance the recall retention of information. And few of the great ways are as under:

Study Routine: first of all, you should not keep your studies in constant routine. Because doing in the same and same routine is one of the factors in weaknesses of the memorization. Try to keep the routine or time of your memorizing your studies in different variation of time. Similarly change your location of studies from one specific location to others. By doing so, you can make it to increase in the effectiveness of your studies.

Pay your Attention on the materials your Studying: to pay an attention is another component for improving your memory. Usually try to study at the place where no disturbance should reach you and make decrease in your attention.

Pay Extra Attention to the Difficult Parts: Similarly try to pay more and extra attention in your studies when there is a part which is difficult. By paying more attention to the difficult part, it may become clear than it was to you. Try to elaborate meaning in your own words and try it to understand in its concept. Once the concept is cleared to you, it would be easy to memorize.

Try to Recite Quran Early at the Morning: Recitation of the Holly Quran not only gives you a blessing and also it improves the memory of person. So After the prayer of Fajir, make it necessary to recite Surahs of the Quran. Quran is the book of Allah revealed for the beneficial of mankind of the earth.

Make Difficult Parts in relation with you Already Know: during the studying and memorizing your studies, there may come in that some unfamiliar topics, than try to relate these with the materials you already knew and make understanding between. This will surely make this difficult and unfamiliar part of your studies an easy to memorize.

Structure the materials you are Studying: the very good method for memorizing is to make the materials and information in an organize category. This method will bring all the related materials and information close to each others. By doing this it would help you to memorize your topic of studies very soon.

Elaboration of the topics of Studies: After the studying of the materials or topics of your studies, make it to elaborate in your own words and try to understand the conceptual meaning of these materials or topics and make moral information about his. Than you would not believe that it would never again be forgetter in future.

So by making these tips in use, it will help you in large amount of improving you memory.

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