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Importance of Time in the light of Islam

Time is a valuable asset that not even the biggest treasure can be compared with it. There are different kinds of theory and concepts about time. This is also studied in the concepts of religion and according to philosophy of science time even has the economic value. Time is money. Time has an importance value on the social and personal variability. In our daily activities, we put time to arrange and place events, acts and milestones in the pattern of schedule time. And in the religious way of theories, time is structured and given to us for sake to follow the act of prayers we are supposed to do.

Time in Islam has an importance value too and has given a valuable resource. Islam and Quran has given an emphasis on the consciousness of time, while it is cleared to us that time is important and make it in use with the good and righteous deeds. Time is the blessing from Allah and in Quran Surahs Muslims is advised to take the time in your conscious and organize it wisely.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says: “Human will be remain standing on the day of judgment until he/she is asked about four things, his/her life, how he/she spent it, his/her youth, and how h/she use it up, his/her property and how he/she acquired and managed it and his/her knowledge and how he/she utilized it”.

From above says of the Holly Prophet that time is important to utilize it and make use of the time wisely and consciously. Similarly Surahs of Quran and their benefits make our time in the conscious way to utilize it and here are some Quranic Verses, which give us the importance of time in our lives. Allah says in Quran: “By Time, Verily men are in loss, except those who have faith, and do the righteous acts, and join together in the mutual teaching of truth, and of patience”. The deeds with respect to time indicate our attitude towards the value of life, and Quran says: “Value the time before life is up to the end”

Hence both the Quran and Hadiths of the Prophet enjoin us to value the importance of time and reminded us that life in this world is nothing just temporary. We are not aware of our life, when it will be to end. We must give and put value to time and make uses of the time in conscious terms to act the deeds of righteous. Make ourselves satisfy by doing the well of Almighty Allah. We must not waste our time, because Prophet Muhammad says: “there are two blessings which may people loose, health and free time to do the good deeds”.

The words of Allah in Quran and Hadiths of the Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) clearly told us that time is precious and make it to be conscious of time to use it wisely. And remind us that this world is temporary and our lives are to be end any time. So as believers we must not waste our time. We must understand the importance of time in our lives and in Islam, we must use of every moment in the righteous deeds because time once gone ca not be recall. May Allah give us wisdom and understanding to utilize our time and make best use of the time in our daily activities in this world?

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