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Everyone has to die someday and start a second life and nobody has any control over it. The best we can do is be prepared for it and do our best to have the outcome in our favor. Our every action (good and bad deeds) is recorded and they determine our place in heaven or hell. Quran, the book of guidance for Muslims describes countless good deeds for earning rewards (sawab) and also the forbidden practices so we don’t do any gunnah (sin) which lead to our own destruction



Namaz is the daily prayer to Allah where we ask his forgiveness and blessings. There are ways where we can extra reward for offering namaz:

  1. Offering prayers in a mosque

The practice of offering prayers in a mosque is most appreciated by the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). There is great reward for every step taken to Mosque, according to a hadis:

“He who purifies (performs Wudu') himself in his house and then walks to one of the houses of Allah (mosque) for performing an obligatory Salat, one step of his will wipe out his sins and another step will elevate his rank (in Jannah).'' (Muslim)

He (S.A.W.) has also said:

“I had considered ordering for the prayer to be established, then I would order every man to pray and set loose men who have with them logs of wood upon a people who did not come to the prayer and I would burn their houses with the fire.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

This means that he despised those who didn’t go to mosque nearby for offering prayers in a congregation when it was possible for them. It should be first priority when praying and laziness shouldn’t be factor here.

Therefore, we must keep this in mind and make it our motivation for going to a masjid (mosque) on foot. It will also have the physical benefit of increasing our stamina if we walk to the mosque five times a day rather than drive ourselves there

  1. Night prayers (Tahajjud)

Allah loves the act of sacrificing our sleep and comfort for his prayer. This is one of the reasons why there’s this extra verse in the call for fajr prayers:

“Salat is better than sleep. Salat is better than sleep.” “Holly Quran”.

Important Quranic Verses:

There are some Quranic verses whose recitation can be done on special occasions and they carry great sawab. Such a verse is the ‘ayatul-kursi’. Recitation of this ayah (verse) before our sleep serves as a protection from evil and guarantees a sound sleep. This can be understood from the following hadis:

"If anyone recites in the morning, Ha-Meem (of Surah Mumin) to Ilayhil Maseer (3rd aayah of the surah) and Aayatul Kursi, he will be guarded (from all kinds of evil) by them till the evening. And if anyone recites them in the evening he will be guarded by them till the morning." (Tirmizi)

Imam Ali was told by our Holy Prophet (PBUH): Qur’an is a great word, and Surae Baqarah is the leader of the Qur’an and Ayatul Kursi is the leader of Surae Baqarah. In Ayatul Kursi there are 50 words and for each word there are 50 blessings and good in it.

Given the above hadis and numerous others, we can judge the importance of this verse of Quran and the reward we can get from it. However, care must be taken in pronunciation of this ayah and consult the ayatul kursi’s transliteration whenever in doubt.


Earning great sawab is not limited to the above methods. We must recite the Quran and explore other ways described therein. The practice of earning sawab must never be ceased and everything must be done with the truest of intentions because pretence only results in wastage of the deeds and effort.

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