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The Beauty of Prayer in Islam

In Islam, prayer not only exhibits communication with Allah, but it also exhibits many other factors which are of particular beauty unique to the prayers that Muslims do. This beauty has many aspects, and each will be discussed below:


The prayer timings exhibit a disciplined pattern and it can be understood this way: Each has the obligation of offering five prayers a day, and each having its dedicated time. World’s time zones are different hence the each prayer time revolves around the world in succession i.e. when fajr time ends in one country/time zone, it starts in the country/time zone right next to it. This way, no time zone in the world is free of prayer at any moment and hence, the entire world is busy in praying to its Almighty creator.

Azan travels around the world:

Like the travel of Namaz timings, the world is never quiet from the sound of Azan. Never at a single moment, is the entire world free of the sound of Azan. There’s always a part of the globe giving Azan and hence calling our beloved Prophet’s (S.A.W.) name twenty four-seven, three-six-five. This is Allah’s work to keep the name of Muhammad (S.A.W.) alive and this practice will be in motion till the end of times.


Mosques are dedicated to the purpose of Muslims prayers and at every congregation, on the call of a person (the iqamah) the entire Muslim population of that mosque gathers behind the mosque’s imam in neat rows to offer the prayers. Great discipline is observed here as every Muslim gives way to another looking for space until everyone is accommodated. The entire procedure is done under two-three minutes.

One direction for the entire world:

Muslims, wherever they are, face one direction for offering prayers and that is towards the Qa’bah, thus making the Qa’bah the central point of the globe for Muslims. This direction is known as the Qibla direction; therefore it’s imperative for every Muslim to find prayer timing and the direction of Qibla if they wish their prayers to be accepted. It delivers a sense of unity when performing this exercise that every other Muslim in the world is facing the same direction as you are.

Uniform clothing:

There are certain rules a Muslim has to follow for entering the Mosque and for offering prayers. These are for clothing and ablution. They include: must be properly abluted, clothes must be such that the elbows and knees are covered but the legs are covered just till the ankles and the heads must be covered (with caps or whatever you may please). Therefore, it gives the appearance of uniform clothing like an army across the mosque but their leader being their creator the Almighty Allah.


If followed properly and with a sincere heart; there is beauty in almost everything that we do for Allah. We were brought in this world for His worship and that is what we must do for it is our sole purpose and it will determine our eternal resting place.


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