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We Muslims offer prayers as part of our faith. In addition to that, there are five obligatory prayers that are performed daily. We can’t, however know if our prayers have been accepted by the Almighty or not. Which is why, they must be offered with the purest of hearts and intentions for Allah Almighty is well aware of what’s in our hearts. As said in the following verse of Quran:

“And whoever has disbelieved - let not his disbelief grieve you. To us is their return, and we will inform them of what they did. Indeed, Allah is knowing of that within the breasts.”

(The Quran 31:23)

There are many ways we can earn great rewards while offering prayers and here we will discuss some of them:

Memorize Surahs:

Many of us have the habit if reciting Surah Ikhlas after Surah Fatihah in our prayers. However, it would be more beneficial or reward giving if we memorize a variety of different surahs so we can recite them too. The greater surah we memorize, the greater would be the resulting reward. Nowadays, there are many Islamic services to assist us in this process. For instance, there are many websites that help us learn the heart of Quran online. There are many surahs which Muslims should memorize to get protection from the punishment on the Day of Judgment. Reciting surah Mulk on daily basis protects Muslims from the suffering of grave. Whoever reads this surah on grave of their relative it will reduce the suffering and punishment of grave for them.

Pure Intentions:

It must be taken great care that our intentions of offering prayers are only t o seek Allah’s pleasure and forgiveness. It must never be for displaying to others how religious we are. This is a great sin because now we’ll be offering prayers for the people and not for our creator. Imam as-Sa’diq has said:

“Anyone who performs a small act for the sake of God, God will make it bigger than he wishes in the sight of others. And anyone who performs a great act for the sake of people, God will make it trivial in the sight of others.”

Hence, we ought to take care of our intentions if we wish not to get our great deeds wasted or seek the forgiveness and pleasure of Allah.

Prayers offered in Mosque:

Prayers offered in the mosques are far better than the ones offered at home. Those offered in mosques are congregational and they also induce a feeling of Muslim brotherhood in us. We should find a mosque/masjid to offer prayer with congregation. Not only that, it brings discipline into our routine when we stay ready for the upcoming and thus offering prayers at their set times. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) has said:

It better to join another person and pray than to pray alone and it is more superior in the company of two men and the bigger the congregation the more liked it is by Allah.”

(Abu Dawud)

There are some prayers which reserve special benefits if offered timely and greater benefits for offering in mosques:

He who attended the congregation for Isha prayer, he received the reward of half the nights worship and he who attended both Isha and Fajr prayer with the congregation he received the reward of the whole nights worship.(Tirmidhi)


As Muslims, we ought to look for different ways to earn Allah’s blessings so that our chances of entering jannah after our death are increased. Praying to the Almighty is a part of our daily routine so if we know of any better way to offer them then we should do it.


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