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Important Islamic Applications for Ramadan

Ramadan is the most in which Muslims refrain from hunger, thirst and all worldly desires. Since last couple of years Ramadan comes in scorching and strenuous summer, which drastically reduce energy level rapidly and Muslim do not find them to fulfill the true spirit of Fasting. There are number of ways to fill this void gap even if one is exhausted and had a long hectic day. One solution is to download Android Islamic apps on cell phones and savor the true liberty of utilizing this fasting period effectively.

Islamic Android Apps

The advantage of Islamic apps is that person from any walk of life can have hands on it be it a working women or student, be it a technical person or a layman. The only key is that the person should know how to download these Android Apps. Some of the important apps that will boost stamina and help reviving emaan in the month of Ramadan are followings:

  • Offer Salah properly this Ramadan

In Ramadan each of the deed is rewarded with double virtues. Salah or offering prayers is an obligatory ritual and from the life of Prophet even a Muslim can infer the importance and blessings of Salah in daily life. Salah makes a strong connection between Allah and His creation and the first question that will be asked on the final Day of Judgment is of Salah.

Most of the Muslims among us offer prayers in haste without paying heed to what they are reciting in Salah and often perform it in a wrong way that eventually turns into a gross sin rather a virtuous act for seeking Allah’s pleasure. This Ramadan download the simple android app for learning Salah to analyze and correct it as per proper Islamic methods. It is stated in Hadith that:

"Verily between man and between polytheism and unbelief is the negligence of prayer." [Sahih Muslim]

  • Important surah to recite in Ramadan

Quran is the final message of Allah Almighty in which He has revealed the way to get prosperity in life. Quran comprises Surahs out of which Yaseen and Rahman are of high importance due to the blessings and rewards associated to them. Yaseen is the heart and Rahman is the beautification of Quran. Recitation of Yasin is equivalent to the recitation of Quran 10 times [Tirmidhi] whereas Surah Rahman is the best cure to anxiety and mental stability.

Download the Android app Surah Yasin and Surah Rahman to get maximum out of this Ramadan because recitation of this Surah in the month of Ramadan especially in night will ward off sins and the Reciter will be forgiven.

“Whoever recites Yaseen at night seeking the pleasure of Allah, that night he will be forgiven.” [Abu Nuaym]

  • Duaas for kids in Ramadan

Most of the kids will observe fasting for the first time and it indeed will be difficult for them to catch up with Ramadan routine. Apart from obligatory rituals in Ramadan the kids can recite different Duaas whilst fasting conveniently. They can download android app to learn kids dua now which will reduce the task of parents to ask them to learn different Duaas daily. Kids can recite and memorize Islamic duaas with this interactive app to keep themselves busy and intact with the Islamic teachings in this holy month of Ramadan.

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