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Memes Dominating the Internet world

Ideas do wonders. This anecdote is true when it comes to the world of internet. About billions of people surf internet daily and out of them millions exhibit their personal profiles connecting them on a web of intertwined social platforms. Hundreds of miles away and still a person in California would have known what his/her buddy is doing or up to in the next days. This is the marvel of the internet that is hard to refute. The realm of internet has recently dominated by the humorous satire, the magic wand that has totally changed the domain of sharing encapsulated in the fun.

Inside internet world:

Inside the social circle of the internet, the humans and events act like information that evolves and replicate like genes with the passage of time. The satire kings have picked up this technique and cynical criticism has incorporated along it to make it a blend that in new terminology is marked as “memes.”

Nature of memes:

Memes bears the targeted tag lines that reflect the ongoing events be political and social that reflects the gross issues of society but in delirious humor. Memes were first a fluke thing, uncatchable idea that has now become a virus on social sites and people love to create their own memes, expressing themselves in their unique ways.

This is a new propagated idea that has targeted almost every class of the users ranging from ordinary to geeks. These memes are pictures having offensive and catchy tag lines that attract the user enough to share it with friends over multi sites.

Sharing is fun:

Living in the era where our drawing rooms contain plasma and imagination is bound to texting and google-ling, in such a lifestyle in which the technology of memes is persuasive. The age of Android and iPhone has taken it to the new level by developing Memes generator for customized creation of memes for more fun and sharing. To boost of the internet the change in the convergence of meanings and satire level is eminent making things more flamboyant for the ardent users of the net. Moreover, Facebook that is the king of the net world acted as a catalyst to propel the idea of memes making.

Memes categories:

Memes are contemporary divided into two broad categories:

  • Viral videos
  • Specially targeted

The viral ones are based on the viral concepts, known to worldwide like Gangam-style that can be grasped and enjoyed unanimous. Specific targeted memes are precise in its content for selected audience that is known to few like moon-sighting-issues-in-Pakistan.

Meme creation is dexterity:

Insert a funny caption on beguiling pictures and here you go with your own meme. Memes are creative ways by text aficionados encapsulates satire, parody and comedy on popular picture that can spawn thousand of variants. One meme becomes a raw material for another, generating many memes and the chain goes on. People who have a keen eye on political events, daily incidents and have a blessed sense of humor is the epitome of memes creator. They target the incidents in a way that convey the message without hurting the sentiments or any offense.

Ingredients for memes:

Just a caption or picture is not the mere vitality, the user needs the popular culture, trends of social media, flickering pick up lines, topic and timings. The blend of all these ingredients will make a product desirable and captivating enough to get multi likes and shares on one single endeavor. The other trick encompasses the right time to deliver the product. Proper time or a bit late is straight way rejection to the meme art. In short, info graphics along intellectuality is required to dominate a world of internet for the satirical art of memes.

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