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Kids have the most pure and blank minds, which absorb almost everything, which is injected in their minds regarding worldly, or heavenly knowledge. The first institution for the kids is the cradle of their mother and they seek their parents as a teacher or role model. Parents of Muslim kids have a double responsibility when it comes to the education of their kids, as they have to instill the information, both of the divine and this world.

The favors of the Lord are ultimate and innumerable in blessings pertaining to which there is an entire Surah in Quran in the name of Surah Rahman. This imperative Surah is sacred in its verses and entails all the blessings, which Allah has embarked upon Muslims.

  • Teaching Kids that Allah is the Most Merciful:
    Allah is Rahman o Raheem, who is benevolent in His attributes and has blessed His worshippers with the quality of speech to glorify Allah and worship Him as much as he can. In the preliminary verses Quran states that it is He the exalted one who has blessed the man with the power of speech and the insight to probe the signs of Allah in order to contemplate the teachings of Allah Almighty.
  • Kid Exhibits Pure State, Hence Utilize it:
    The kid is free from all kinds of sins and impurity hence the best opportunity to avert towards the commandments of the Mighty Lord in order to keep himself away from all the major vices which are forbidden in Islam. Allah has blessed a person with life, hence he is the more deserved one to glorify and invoke for blessings. The sacred verses of this reverend Surah state the supremacy of the Lord by warning the believers from the bone chilling vivid scenarios of resurrection Day. Allah warns the faith bearing Muslims by stating that there will be benefits and virtues of those who will act on the commandments of Allah enlisted in the verses of Quran.
  • Teaching Kid that this Life is Not Permanent:
    Quran is a beacon for those who want to seek guidance hence provoke a kid more towards the sacred teachings and pillars of Islam which are sourced to revive faith in broader aspects. The fact that there will only be the lord deity who will remain after the day of Qayamah in order to let the kids know that the lavishness and attractions of this world is temporary and no one would last here forever. The eternal abode is that life in which a person will be accountable for his deeds and reward either hell or heaven afterwards.
  • Teaching Kid the Virtues of Eternal Life:
    For the righteous believers there will be the gardens and rivers along the fruits of paradise the taste of which will be different all the time. Parents ought to familiar their kids with such verses, as this explanation of the verses will acknowledge them with the omnipotent nature of Allah.
  • Enlightening the Fear of Allah in the Hearts:
    To enlighten the fear of Allah in the heart of a kid, the important thing is to remind him of his death, which every soul shall taste, and the accountability of the grave where none of his relative, friend, or family member will help and alleviate if for him. This reminder and awareness will make him a frequent Salah observer as the Salah is the first obligatory ritual, which Allah will ask in the grave, and nothing can evade the grief and wrath of Allah for those who will miss it willingly.

No matter what, it is the sheer responsibility of a parent to pertain the knowledge of divinity and pillars of Islam towards his kids. At the day of reckoning parents will solely be responsible for their kid’s upbringing and will be answerable for their deeds hence make this asset profitable for yourself.

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