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Best practicing Muslim Child
Best practicing Muslim Child

Being a parent is a blessing but is a dire responsibility to raise kids into a better and perfect Muslim being. It is a real test for parents to raise kids in accordance with Islamic teachings and make them a beneficial asset for themselves in the Akhirah. In a Hadith it is narrated that:

Allah (SWT) will ask every caretaker about the people under his care, and the man will be asked about the people of his household” [Ibn e Nasa’i]

Most of the parents are oblivious of Quran teachings hence lacking their responsibilities in raising a kid. Those parents who have sufficient knowledge regarding the teachings they raise their kids well, whereas the ignorant one remains devoid of Islamic teachings and do not pay heed to their gross responsibilities. Learning Arabic Alphabets is the proper medium to extract the teachings of Quran and divine narrations for raising kids well because all the guidance portals are in Arabic language and no naïve can understand it without proper learning.

Spending well on children:

It is the sole responsibility of parents to spend on their kid well by providing him a good education and what can be better than the teachings of Islam. Children are asset and more you spend on them, the more they will return, as children are among one of the deeds in which parents will be benefited even after their death. Hadith narrates:

“Upon death, man’s deeds will stop except for three deeds, namely: a continuous charitable fund, endowment, or goodwill; knowledge left for people to benefit from; and a pious righteous and God-fearing child.” [Muslim]

Raising kid to perfect Muslim:

In order to raise a kid into perfect Muslim there are certain areas you need to work on as mentioned below:

1. Be a leading role model:

Practicing the rituals in front of your kid will help him in adopting the practices more easily. Kids are exposed to the outer environment and they adopt what they see that is why practice in front of them what you want them to be in the future.

2. Recite Quran to your child:

Recite Quran to your child and translate it with easy wordings. Better is to tell them stories that cover Islamic events and describe the valor of fellows of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These practices will make his connection stronger with the book of Allah.

3. Treat your child well

One of the fundamental rights of kid is to treat him well by giving him undue importance and avoid favoritism by fulfilling his all-legal demands. Hadith attests to it as:

“The Messenger of Allah said: 'Treat your children fairly.” [Sunana an Nasa’i]

4. Instill the concept of Shahada in your kid’s mind

Instill and inculcate the concept of Shahada in the mind of your kid by teaching him the omnipotence of Allah and the meanings of Risalah. Teach him about the oneness of Allah, His supremacy and power to hold everything with the divine mystery of Kun Fayakun.

The right of Allah over His slaves is that they should worship Him and not associate anything with Him. And the right of the slaves over Allah, if they do that, is that He should not punish them.” [Ibn E Majah]

5. Teach your child social ethics

No Muslim is a good Muslim until he is good to his fellow Muslims. The rights of Humans matter a lot in comparison to the rights of Allah Almighty. Ask your kid to treat people well regardless of the status.

Parents usually focus on the carrier orientation of a child rather to persuade him towards acquisition of Islamic teachings. Parents especially mother is the foremost teacher for a kid hence is entirely their responsibility to make kids familiar of all Quranic commandments and teachings.

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